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Manage your sales operations from your phone

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Connect developers and agents with industry associates


Help Aussies buyers get into their dream home


Bring off-the-plan properties to life

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Make project selling effortless
Welcome to Arcanite, the ultimate sales management tool for project marketing professionals to streamline workflows and increase off-the-plan sales opportunities.

Discover how thousands of property professionals are saving time, money, building their connections and selling like never before.
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Simplify Sales

Arcanite's unified sales portal facilitates
the management of all projects and all
sales channels from your mobile device.
Simple navigation between projects

Track individual sales channels

Enhanced channel communication


Everything you need to track and nurture your
relationships with salespeople, buyers, and professional
associates. Embedded with sales and marketing
functions and VR program.
Facilitates aggregation of external systems

App based software enables all functions in any location

Never miss an update, notification, or sales opportunity

Stay in Control

Simple to use, advanced back-end dashboard. Sort
by sales status, book appointments and track
Manage via Arcanite connect admin app

Stay up to date on all project information

Control what information is available on the frontend Arcanite app

Smart & Automated

Less data entry means more time to make deals.
Arcanite automates the task salespeople hate and
takes only minutes to learn!
Fast track tedious admin tasks

Simplifies all processes

Find contacts, share information, and reserve properties with one click


 Team Strength

The Arcanite team consists of industry professionals with expertise in property, sales, and finance, providing you with comprehensive business support.

 First to Market

First fast paced, mobile-focused project marketing platform, combining elements of proptech and fintech to streamline off the plan sales.

 Network Effects

Recruit and expand your own network at lightning speed with every new user adding more synergy to your profile, facilitating additional sales and business growth opportunities.

 Unmatched Value

Packages to suit all budgets, with clients claiming our products are on average 70% more cost effective than competitors, with more features on offer.


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